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May 2, 2012

Bridgewater State University paid tribute to nearly 200 undergraduate and graduate students during the 2012 Honors Week celebrations held April 23-27. The week-long event recognizes students' academic achievements, community service accomplishments and contributions to campus life.

Ceremonies held across campus from Monday to Thursday honored students from the Bartlett College of Science and Mathematics, the College of Education and Allied Studies, the College of Graduate Studies, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Ricciardi College of Business, and the Division of Student Affairs.

[b]Here is a complete list of the [link] Honors Week award recipients|http://www.bridgew.edu/StudentAffairs/Honors%20Week/MasterList2012excel.pdf[/link][/b].

Deans of the colleges and top administrators helped present awards, certificates and scholarships to the high-achieving students.

President [b]Dana Mohler-Faria[/b] spoke at several of the ceremonies. "This is my favorite time of year," he said at the ceremony for education and allied studies students. "We get to honor the students who have accomplished so much in their academic careers and in their lives."

The ceremonies were attended by campus community members and guests of the honorees, as well as the benefactors of some of the awards and scholarships.

Additional speakers and presenters included: [b]Dr. David Ostroth[/b], vice president for student affairs; [b]Dr. Brenda Molife[/b], chief of staff, president's office; [b]Dr. William Smith[/b], dean, graduate studies; [b]Dr. Howard London[/b], provost and vice president for academic affairs; [b]Dr. Meredeth Krevosky[/b], associate professor of biology; [b]Dr. Nancy Moses[/b], professor and chairperson of theater and dance; and [b]Dr. Marian Extejt[/b], dean, college of business.

[i]Caption: Lauren Linnane (center, left) and Thomas Allen (center, right) are presented the Michael J. Ricciardi Memorial Scholarship by the scholarship's founder, Louis Ricciardi (far right), '81, chairman of the BSU Board of Trustees and vice chairperson of the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, and Dr. Marian Extejt.[/i]


A photo montage of all the 2012 Honors Week award recipients.


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