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April 23, 2012
Marisa DeFranco, Massachusetts democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, joined [b]Dr. Mark Kemper[/b], associate professor of political science, in a Q and A session on campus, where she discussed her career, and domestic and foreign issues. [br][br]If elected, Ms. DeFranco, a Salem immigration attorney, said she would tackle job creation to stabilize the U.S. economy. Her short-term plan is to invest 100 billion dollars over two years to create two million green jobs, something she said the nation can afford. [br][br]"We invest in wars and prisons and everything else that does not produce a stable economy, but we don't invest in getting people back to work so that would be one of the first things I would work on," she said.[br][br]The event attended by campus and community members was hosted in the Dunn Conference Suite by the Center for Legislative Studies, of which Dr. Kemper is assistant director.[br][br]Topics in Ms. DeFranco's discussion included the Buffet Tax bill, the housing market, student loans, education, immigration policy and United States relations with Iran. [br][br]On U.S. health care, Ms. DeFranco said she supports a single-payer system, which is sometimes misinterpreted as a federal government takeover of the nation's health care. However, she said the controversial system would still keep doctors and patients in control, help create jobs, lower Medicare costs by keeping people healthier, and ensure people receive adequate health care. "How is that a bad idea?" she said. (Rob Matheson, '07, University Advancement; video by Moakley TV Studio)[br][br]VIDEO: [br][br]The full video of Ms. DeFranco's Q and A. [br][br]
Marisa DeFranco