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July 2, 2012

Eighteen faculty members from the School of Languages and Communication Studies at Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU) are in the first week of BSU's first ever English Teacher Training Program, which will run through July.

"The main focus of the program is for the visiting faculty to learn more about teaching English as a second language and American studies," said key organizer [b]Dr. Wing Kai-To[/b], professor of history at BSU and coordinator of the university's Asian Studies program.

BSU's [b]Dr. Yulia Stakhnevich[/b] of Department of English, and [b]Dr. Michael Kryzanek[/b], director of global studies and executive director of the Center for International Engagement, helped coordinate the session.
Dr. Kryzanek, who will be teaching the group about American government and society, gave an overview of the program, which includes cultural courses and off-campus activities. "There are a total of fourteen BSU faculty participating in the program and they represent a variety of disciplines, from art and music to communication and American literature, to name a few," he said. "In addition, there a whole range of activities are planned outside of class, such as field trips and to museums and historical places in Boston, Concord and Plymouth. Our intent is to provide exposure to a broad range of American culture."

The group will spend four weeks at BSU and then a fifth week in California. This is the first time BJTU professors have participated in this type of session, said Dr. To. "In previous years exchange scholars and students have studied at BSU for one semester or one year, but this is the first time to have a large contingent to participate in a month-long intensive summer institute," he said.

On the first day of the program, the group visited President [b]Dana Mohler-Faria[/b], who offered his personal greeting and exchanged gifts with Professor Yang Ruodong, deputy dean of the languages and communication studies school.

"It's a genuine pleasure to welcome you and I know you will have a wonderful opportunity here at the university and as you travel around the area," the president said. "It has been my special privilege to be a guest at Beijing Jiaotong University and to enjoy the pleasure of meeting so many students and faculty there. We at Bridgewater are enormously proud of our relationship with your institution and your visit here helps reinforce our many connections."

Dr. To said there are approximately 120 English language instructors at Jiaotong University, "so there is obviously a large English language program, which reflects the interest of so many Chinese students to learn English."

Participating BSU faculty include: [b]Dr. Joyce Rain Anderson[/b], [b]Dr. Matt Bell[/b], [b]Dr. Benjamin Carson[/b], [b]Dr. Michelle Cox[/b], and [b]Dr. John Kucich[/b], all of the Department of English; [b]Dr. Ann Brunjes[/b], director of teaching and learning; [b]Dr. Walter Carroll[/b], Department of Sociology; [b]Dr. Roger Dunn[/b], Department of Art; [b]Dr. Jason Edwards[/b], Department of Communication Studies; [b]Dr. Deborah Nemko[/b], Department of Music; and [b]Dr. Than Nguyen[/b], Department of Secondary Education and Professional Studies.  (David Wilson, '71, University Advancement)

[i]Caption: Seated are President Dana Mohler-Faria (left) and Professor Yang Ruodong; kneeling is Hu Zhixian; standing (from left) are Zhao Dongmei, Zhou Zhijie, Li Jingping, Zuo Yingjuan, He Li, Li Yan, Wang Jianjun, Zhu Jing, Tian Yongfeng, Zhang Jiangun, Ma Li, Ai Wei, Xu Jie, Lin Yamping, Dr. Wing-kai To, Shu Guanghui, Dr. Michael Kryzanek, Dr. Yulia Stakhnevich, and Zhao Xin.[/i]

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