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April 15, 2014

If you see roving cameras around campus this week, don’t be concerned. However, you may want to get ready for your close up.

This week, the staff of the Rondileau Campus Center is hosting the seventh annual Campus MovieFest. This is a national independent filmmaking competition, which allows any BSU student to form a team and yell “action!” 

“The goal is to give students an opportunity to create their own five-minute film in a team competition,” said Ed Cabellon, director of student affairs, and lead organizer of BSU's MovieFest. “The process builds important skills, including working in an intense team environment, creative thinking and processing, and learning how to tell a story through video.”

Reshelle Cooke, ’15, has her sights set high.

“I did it last year and it was fun, my goal this year is to make it to the finale,” she said.

The competition has no requirements to enter. Participants are given one week to complete their film. To do so, they are provided a Macbook Pro, Panasonic HD camcorder, and training. Some students find the experience of participating in the competition aligns well with their academic goals.

“I am doing this because I like acting, singing and being on stage, theater is my major,” said Sam Wood, '14.

The importance of Campus MovieFest is to strengthen the BSU community, says Mr. Cabellon. 

“It connects students together around a common purpose, builds school spirit, and gives students a different kind of student activity that produces an end product for the Bridgewater State community and beyond to be proud of,” said Mr. Cabellon.

Campus MovieFest will showcase the top 16 films at BSU’s red carpet finale. The winners in Best Picture, Best Comedy, Best Drama, Best Social Justice and Best Horror have the opportunity to represent BSU and compete nationally against hundreds of other top short films at Campus MovieFest in Hollywood. Those competing are contending for an overall prize of $20,000, and national recognition for their work.

Students are excited by the annual event.

“I do it every year with a friend, and look forward to it every spring,” said student, Morgun Knabbe, ’16. 

Mr. Cabellon’s advice to participants is to create an engaging narrative. “Well told stories always do well in the competition,” he said.

Many Bridgewater State students have won numerous national awards and recognitions for their films, such as best editing and best acting. (Story by student Caitlin Seddon, University News)

The pickup station in the RCC where MovieFest competitors picked up their cameras and equipment