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March 25, 2012
Beginning Wednesday, the Center for Middle East Studies will sponsor the third annual Middle East Educational Week, featuring a comprehensive and eclectic program of lectures and events investigating a variety of topics currently making news in the region. [br][br]Lectures and discussions will take up issues such as the current situation in Kurdistan, the Middle East in the media, the effects of social media in the region, relations between Turkey and Iraq, and the Iranian nuclear threat. [br][br]Things conclude with a Passover celebration on Thursday April 12. [br][br]Organizer [b]Dr. Jabbar al-Obaidi[/b], director of the Center for Middle East Studies at BSU, said the program will take on a host of issues, examining each from a variety of perspectives.[br][br]Other highlights include a panel discussion concerning the unfolding events in the Middle East featuring professors from BSU, Northeastern and Suffolk universities, as well as a member of the former Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq. [br][br]The flare-up of social media in the Middle East, such a key aspect of the recent Arab Spring, will be discussed by Dr. Yahya R. Kamalipour of Purdue University. [br][br]Also, with BSU's work in educating tomorrow's teachers in mind, Professors [b]James Hayes-Bohanan[/b] and [b]Vernon Domingo[/b] will lead a discussion on how to teach the geography of the Middle East and beyond. [br][br]The program will feature some lighter topics, such as the making and tasting of a Yemeni coffee and instruction in rhythmic literacy and dancing.[br][br]See the attached for a full list of events.[br][br]Middle East Educational Week is sponsored by Academic Affairs, External Affairs, and the departments of Music, Communication Studies, U.S. Ethnic Studies, MSA, and CIE. (Story by John Winters with file photo) [br][br]