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March 18, 2016

Students are always on the run – from East to West Campus, to work or an internship, or meeting up with classmates to work on a group project. While coping with busy schedules, electronic devices can sometimes run low on power – often at the worst time.

BSU’s Information Technology Division has installed a helpful solution for all members of the campus community who need to charge their phones, tablets or laptops while on the run.

The first of two courtesy charging stations has been set up in the lobby of the Moakley Center, just before the entrance to Hart Hall. The second will be installed this spring on the ground level of Maxwell Library near Starbucks.

“The idea for the KwikBoost Power Station came from one of our IT people,” said Thomas Groh, ’95, director of IT projects and development.. Bridgewater signed a contract with KwikBoost, whose products are geared toward the higher-education market, to provide the service on campus.

The charging station has eight lockers, each of which offers different connections for a variety of devices – from Apple to Android phones and tablets to laptops. A user creates a temporary code on a digital keypad lock, slides the device into the slim locker, attaches the power cord and locks the door.

Both lockers have quick proximity to IT help desks (and in Moakley, the computer lab) and that was intentional, said Mr. Groh.

“The big advantage of the charging station is that students can leverage class time for charging their devices,” he said. “A student or a faculty member can put the phone in when going to class and pick it up when they leave.”

What makes the experience “quick” is the sense of convenience by using down time to recharge a device in a secure environment that’s nearby. The time to power up the device essentially remains the same.

Word-of-mouth will likely spread the use of the charging lockers, the first of which was installed in February. (Story and photo by Eva T. Gaffney, G ’01)


The KwikBoost Power Station