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May 1, 2014

The annual Metro South Legislative Luncheon brought to campus several state and regional leaders to discuss recent developments.

Bill Morse, chairman of the board opened the event by sharing a new slogan he said summed up the afternoon’s significance, and he hoped everyone would adopt, “When Metro South is home everything’s within reach.”

BSU President Dana Mohler-Faria echoed that sentiment with his opening remarks.

“The Metro South chamber has been and continues to be a driving force in this region. The work that we have done and continue to do with the chamber, I think, has made a tremendous difference,” he said. 

Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo spoke about how proud he is that Massachusetts has risen to the occasion despite years of economic challenges. He noted that Massachusetts has lowered its unemployment rate to 6.3 percent, a few points below the national average.

“I made it my mission is to make Massachusetts the place to build businesses,” he said.

Speaker DeLeo believes more focus needs to be put on education and transportation. He agreed with the Brockton Mayor Bill Carpenter concerning the importance of plans to build a satellite campus in that city. This will be done with the help of BSU, UMass-Boston and Massasoit Community College. This will be a game changer joining schools in Brockton, the speaker said.

President Mohler-Faria and Massasoit President Charles Wall stated their gratitude and appreciation for the work accomplished by the Metro South chamber.

“We are on the move to serve and feel we are on a roll,” he said. “Let’s keep the good times rolling.”

Mr. Carpenter spoke about his first hundred days in office, outlining some achievements and future goals to expand and change the image of Brockton.

He mentioned that $125 million will be invested in downtown Brockton in hopes to add a positive outlook on the city and change the perspective of those who visit. 

Following all formal remarks, Speaker DeLeo answered questions asked by Susan Joss, vice chair of government affairs. (Story and photos by student Caitlin Seddon, University News)