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April 23, 2012
Five students presented their work at the seventh-annual Undergraduate Research Symposium presented by the Anthropology Department. Graduating seniors and others were also honored.[br][br]"The event is designed to showcase the work our students have been doing all year and to allow newer anthropology majors to consider directions they may want to go," said [b]Dr. Ellen Ingmanson[/b], associate professor of anthropology.[br][br]Presenters and their projects were [b]Cory Fournier[/b], "Locational Analysis of Sacred Sites in Southern New England"; [b]Helen Silkonis[/b], "One with the Land: An Exploration of Environmental Perspectives of Native American Tribes of Southern New England"; [b]Caitlin Fitzgerald[/b], "When Skulls Speak to Us"; [b]Mara Smith[/b], "Magic Circle"; and [b]Ryan Jake Hall[/b], "GIS Analysis of Site Locations around Plymouth, Massachusetts."[br][br][br]Honor award recipients were Ms. Fitzgerald, [b]Sarah J. Manteiga[/b] and [b]Helen M. Silkonis[/b]. The graduating seniors who were recognized at the event were: [b]Courtney M. Abdou[/b], [b]Jessica L. Chmielorz[/b], [b]Caitlin A. Fitzgerald[/b], Mr. Hall, Jade S. Kluver[/b], [b]Hallie J. Leonard[/b], Ms. Manteiga, [b]Michael Nelson[/b], [b]Kaitlyn G. Owen[/b], Ms. Silkonis, Ms. Smith, [b]Joshua Stanley[/b], [b]Chelsea C. Talcott[/b] and [b]Krystal C. Vezina[/b].[br][br]For a full description of each presenter's project, see the attachment below. (Photos by Doris Galli, '13, University Advancement)[br][br]
Seventh-Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium program
The student presenters, left to right: Jake Ryan Hall, Helen Silkonis, Mara Smith, Caitlin Fitzgerald and Cory Fournier
Anthropology Professors Ingmanson, Faiman-Silva, Badiane and Hoffman