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April 10, 2012
History professor [b]Andy Holman[/b] (history) is a coeditor of the forthcoming book, [i]More of a Man: Diaries of a Scottish Craftsman in Mid-Nineteenth-Century North America[/i]. Published by the University of Toronto Press, the book presents the only known diaries of a skilled craft-worker in Victorian Canada, Andrew McIlwraith. McIlwraith was a Scottish journeyman who migrated to North America during a tumultuous period marked by economic depression and early industrial change. His journals trace his transformation from an immigrant to an entrepreneur during a very challenging time. Robert B. Kristofferson is the other coeditor. More information is available [link]here|[/link].[br] [br][b]Dr. Brian Frederick[/b] (political science) recently published an article, "Missing the Female Voice: Why the Federal and State Governments Should Do More to Promote Gender Equality in the United States." It appeared in the online encyclopedia American Government. See the article [link]here|[/link][br][br][br][br][b]Dr. Jason Edwards[/b] (communication studies) has had several essays published in recent months. They are: "Redefining Sovereignty: An Analysis of Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon's Rhetoric on the Responsibility to Protect Debate," in [i]Peace and Conflict Studies[/i]; "Melding a New Narrative? President George W. Bush and the Immigration Debate," with Richard Herder in [i]The Howard Journal of Communications[/i]; and "The 'New River' of Globalization: President Clinton's Double Movement Discourse," with Jaime L. Wright in [i]Megarhetorics of Globalized Development[/i].[br][br][br][br]The Music Department has had a busy few months. The Chamber Singers, Jazz Combo, and Saxophone Quartet traveled across the region to perform for students. Under the direction of [b]Drs. Steven Young[/b] and [b]Donald Running[/b], the ensembles visited Hingham, Hanover, Taunton, Pembroke, Milford, Rockland, and Abington. Students in these schools had the opportunity to perform with BSU musicians, ask questions about participating in music at the college level, and listen to fine performances by our student groups. Meanwhile, the department hosted the Bridgewater State University Jazz Festival (pictured) featuring Your Neighborhood Saxophone Quartet, the Easton High School Jazz Band, and the BSU Jazz Band. Nine schools performed throughout the day leading up to an evening Gala Jazz Event. [br][br][br][b]Dr. Deniz Zeynep Leuenberger[/b] (political science) served as the guest editor for the January 2012 edition of [i]Public Works Management and Policy[/i]. The issue served as a symposium on applied sustainability, with a focus on local initiatives ranging from a multi-year plan to transform Cleveland's economy to urban household water use. [i]PWMP[/i] is affiliated with the American Society for Public Administration's Section on Transportation Policy and Administration, where Dr. Leuenberger and [b]Dr. Wendy Haynes[/b] (political science) have served on the board for several years. The organization has recognized Dr. Haynes' service by awarding her the Truitt-Felbinger award for distinguished service to the section and the field. The issue can be viewed [link]here|[/link].[br][br][br] [br][b]Dr. Shaheen Mozaffar[/b] (political science) offered insights on Democracy in two talks, one nearby, the other seemingly a world away. The first lecture, "Democratic Transition(s) in the Middle East: Implications for the United States," was held at the Newton Free Library. In conjunction with this appearance, Dr. Mozaffar was interviewed on the local cable channel NewTV. The interview can be seen [link]here|[/link]. More recently, the political science professor spoke at on the challenges and opportunities of democratic transitions in the Middle East and North Africa region at the American University of Sharjah, located in United Arab Emirates. A news story about the event can be viewed [link]here|[/link].[br][br][br][b]Professor John Hooker[/b] (art) presented his insights on best practices in educational design at the National Art Education Association's National Convention. His session was titled, "Foundations in Design: Studio to Child," in which he shared his experiences implementing professional standards with undergraduates creating a toy design project for children in Boston and Tanzania. The class that served as the foundation of the talk was funded with an Adrian Tinsley Program course-embedded grant.[br][br][br][br][b]Dr. Kathryn Evans[/b] (English) presented a talk, "Peer Tutor Alumni 'Give Back': Leveraging Alumni as Resources via Social Networking," at the Conference on College Composition and Communication. It was held in St. Louis. Read more [link]here|[/link].[br][br][br][br][br][br][br][br][b]Dr. Matthew Dasti[/b] (philosophy) published an article in the January issue of [i]Philosophy East and West[/i], titled, "Parasitism and Disjunctivism in Nyaya Epistemology." Nyaya is part of Indian philosophy that is useful for analyzing logic and epistemology. Read the article [link]here|[/link].[br][br][b][i]News items from the other colleges will be posted in the coming days. Got any news? Email us at[/b][/i]
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