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May 23, 2012

MADD Massachusetts recently honored the Bridgewater State University Police Department for its commitment to enforcing drunk driving laws and keeping local roads safe.

The department as a whole was honored for actively engaging in high-profile DUI and underage drinking enforcement, demonstrating strong traffic enforcement with measureable results and engaging in safety belt and sobriety checkpoint enforcement. MADD Massachusetts officials said the BSU police department has developed a statewide reputation for effective DUI and underage drinking enforcement.

Individual officers were also honored. Lt. [b]Matthew Rushton[/b] earned the 2012 MADD Hero Honorable Mention Award for his exceptional work in the area of DUI and underage drinking enforcement. Sgt. [b]Robert McEvoy[/b], meanwhile, earned the 2012 MADD Drive for Life Award for leading the department in DUI and other alcohol-related arrests in 2011.
"I am extremely proud of the efforts of the entire police department, and particularly those of Lt. Rushton and Sgt. McEvoy," said BSU Police Chief [b]David Tillinghast[/b]. "A high number of DUI arrests is bad news for drunk-drivers, but good news for students and employees on the Bridgewater State University campus. Drunk-driving is a major concern in a heavily populated area such as a university campus, and these officers are making a difference. The students are in good hands."

MADD's annual "Drive for Life" law enforcement recognition breakfast was held at Devens Common Center on May 23. There are roughly 16,000 DUI arrests in Massachusetts every year, averaging out to nearly 44 drunk driving arrests per day. One in three people will be involved in an alcohol-related crash in their lifetime.

"Keeping our roads safe is dangerous and thankless work," said David DeIuliis, MADD spokesman. "We consider the men and women of law enforcement everyday heroes and it is our honor to recognize the Bridgewater State University Police Department and say thank you for their commitment to enforcing our impaired-driving laws."