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March 21, 2012
The members of a contingent of visitors from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, including [b]Valentina Merdanian[/b], the most recent of the president's distinguished speakers, joined BSU officials for a tour of Plymouth during their stay in the area.[br][br]Ms. Merdanian is the director of institutional relations at Red Cloud Indian School in South Dakota. During her address on campus, she spoke about her school and issues surrounding Native American reservations, particularly poverty. Some of those accompanying her on the trip to Plymouth were fellow members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, who live on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.[br][br]BSU was represented by [b]Fred Clark[/b], executive vice president and vice president for External Affairs, and [b]Dr. Joyce Rain Anderson[/b], assistant professor of English. Tour guide, [b]Tim Turner[/b] of Native Plymouth Tours, led the group through a two-hour trek through "America's hometown," from Plymouth Rock to Cole's Hill to the statue of Massasoit. The tour also made its way through the natural springs to Hobbamock's Homesite and to the plaque marking the death of Metacomet.[br][br]In addition to Ms. Merdanian, the guests included [b]Fr. George Winzenburg[/b], [b]Tashina Banks[/b], [b]Robert Braveheart[/b], [b]Tina Merdanian[/b] and [b]Colleen McCarthy[/b].[br](Submitted)[br]
(Left to right) Fr. George Winzenburg, Tashina Banks, Robert Braveheart, Colleen McCarthy and Valentina Merdanian.
BSU's Fred Clark, left, also enjoys the tour