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March 18, 2012
Graphic design went global for students of Assistant Professor [b]Donald Tarallo[/b], when they collaborated with seniors from Hanyang University in South Korea in restyling graphic content and improving system organization for Worcester's waste collection program. [br][br]A collaborative effort between Professor Tarallo, art, and Professor [b]Inyoung Choi[/b] of Hanyang, the "International Design Research" project involved students from both universities sharing sketches and critiquing each others' works weekly online through a collaborative Facebook page. The project aimed to cultivate among the students a cross-cultural, research-based approach to design.[br][br]"It is a great way for graphic design students to see how students in other countries approach design problems," said Professor Tarallo, who developed the program for his Advanced Graphic Design courses. "In the increasingly global and visual world, it is really interesting to observe the commonalities and differences in both aesthetics and analytical skills between students."[br][br]The results of the project were exhibited at Hanyang University last December. [br][br]At first intimidated by the grand-scale project, [b]Sabrina Watt[/b], '13, found the well-planned process alleviated her worries. "I'd never worked on a project of this magnitude before, let alone with students halfway across the world," said the Raynham native. "But once we dove into it, it was more enjoyable than anything. There was a very structured process that we followed, which helped guide us and ease the intimidation."[br][br]The focused schedule steered the students on an academic route from client analysis, to sketch and idea development, and through to rough drafts and final designs. Ms. Watt said there was also in-class discussion on what Worcester's program needed to be more effective.[br][br]"In the end," Ms. Watt said, "it turned out to be a very engaging and rewarding experience. We all created some excellent designs for our portfolios and got a taste of what it's like to work on a team-oriented, real-world project."[br][br]The two professors hope to develop collaborative projects like this one with other schools internationally. (Rob Matheson, '07, University Advancement)
A crowd gathers at Hanyang University to check out the &quot
International Design Research&quot
project exhibit
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Above and below are samples of the final designs