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June 26, 2012

Some of the university's most talented student filmmakers squared off against nearly 1,000 of their peers from across the nation at the 11th annual Campus MovieFest Hollywood Awards. CMF is the world's largest student film festival.

Earning a spot among the "Top 25" films at the event was "Heretic," directed by [b]Robert Morton[/b], '12, who traveled to Hollywood with fellow crew members and classmates [b]Cam Lamothe[/b], [b]Matt Charette[/b] and [b]Mac Capen[/b].

The other two competing films were: "I Love You, Pizza," by [b]Megan Murphy[/b] and [b]Michael Shanahan[/b]; and "The Frame," by [b]Elyse Cotta[/b], [b]Melissa Ellard[/b] and [b]Michael Mullen[/b].

The students were accompanied by veteran CMF participant [b]Jim Sass[/b], '10, and [b]Ed Cabellon[/b], director of the Rondileau Campus Center who organizes the CMF at BSU each year. 

[b](Click [link]here|[/link] to view all the student films at CMF Hollywood.)[/b]

At the weekend-long CMF, held at Globe Theatre at Universal Studios, students participated in workshops, sat in on screening of student and major studio films, met with industry leaders, and attended networking events and tours, among other things.

Celebrity guests at the event included actors Jack McBrayer ([i]30 Rock[/i]), Danny Pudi ([i]Community[/i]), Horatio Sanz ([i]Saturday Night Live[/i]), and Adam Ferrara ([i]Rescue Me[/i]). The CMF also featured Q and A sessions with Academy Award winners Jon Landau (producer for [i]Avatar[/i] and [i]Titanic[/i]) and Wally Pfister (cinematographer for [i]Inception[/i] and [i]The Dark Knight[/i]).

[i]Caption: Enjoying the day at Universal Studios, Hollywood, are student filmmakers (from left to right) Cam Lamothe, Robert Morton, Mac Capen, Jim Sass, Elyse Cotta, Melissa Ellard, Michael Mullen, Megan Murphy and Michael Shanahan.[/i]


Learn more about the trip to Hollywood from this short video, produced by the Rondileau Campus Center (BSU) video team.


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