Pride Center Monthly Programs

The Pride Center holds regular discussion groups aimed at supporting the success of students with a range of intersecting identities within the GLBT community.

Promoting Identities, Erasing Stigma (PIES)

PIES, or “Promoting Identities, Erasing Stigma,” is a student-run group that discusses different gender identities and sexual orientations. Many identities are stigmatized, misunderstood or unacknowledged in our society, and even within the GLBTA community some identities are underrepresented. PIES amplifies the voices of these marginalized people including, but not limited to, those who identify as pansexual, bisexual, asexual and polyamorous. Our goals are to raise the visibility of these groups, replace misconceptions with facts, and erase the stigma unnecessarily associated with them. We offer a meal at this program and always include pie.

Queer People of Color

Too often, GLBT students of color feel like they must prioritize one of their identities above the other. GLBTA spaces, being a microcosm of our larger society, have been known to disenfranchise people of color. Likewise, communities of color, also microcosms of our larger society, have been known to disenfranchise GLBTA individuals. This dichotomy places queer students of color in the unfair position of feeling like they must choose between their race or their sexual orientation or gender identity. We at the Pride Center seek to be a safe place where GLBTA students of color are actively supported and affirmed. The student developers of this program extend an invitation to all members of the BSU community to join us in open and honest discussions of racism and white privilege alongside discussions of cisgender and heterosexual privilege. This is a student-run program, and a meal is always provided.

Transgender Awareness Group (TAG)

TAG is a student-run group that educates the campus about gender identity and expression. We explore issues, challenges, and triumphs of the trans community and offer support to members of the BSU transgender community including those who identify as genderqueer and agender. In keeping with Pride Center custom, a meal is provided at this program.