Lavender Residential Learning Community

Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) are a widely regarded as best practice for supporting student success among colleges and universities across the country. They help connect resident students to peers with similar interests, offer an ability to create a network of support with other students and professionals, as well as have a learning component to help them grow not only as students, but as people too.

BSU's Lavender RLC offers GLBTA students the option to live in a known safe space on campus with peers who are understanding and inclusive towards their identities and values. With the academic class component, residents living within this RLC also have the chance to not only learn about the GLBTA community but be aware of social justice efforts within this community as well.

Dr. Garrett Nichols, professor in English, is the instructor for the academic portion of the RLC. Lee Forest, director of the Pride Center, is co-facilitator with Dr. Nichols and serves as a bridge between the Lavender RLC and the Pride Center to ensure residents are fully integrated into the BSU community on campus.