Martina Arndt

Martina Arndt

Professor of Physics

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Bridgewater State University Physics and Astronomy Professor Dr. Martina Arndt knows how some humanities and business students feel when they register for her Exploring the Universe course.

That’s because the solar physicist didn’t land on studying science until she’d exhausted just about every other major option that Wellesley College had to offer. “I was going to major in math, then German, then economics, then sociology – and then I took a lab science class,” said Dr. Arndt, who earned her undergraduate degree in astronomy from Wellesley College.

“Bridgewater students will walk into Exploring the Universe just to take the general education core class, but at the end, they’ll realize they are being set up to be lifelong learners.”

The students aren’t the only lifelong learners on campus, Dr. Arndt said. “The faculty on this campus are constantly pushing forward; not just in their teaching, but professionally to move themselves forward in their field. This is the antithesis of a stagnant faculty. The faculty all got into teaching because we love to learn.”

Bridgewater is one of two institutions in the Massachusetts State University system to offer a physics degree, some of which have been converted into the major after just aiming to fulfill a general education core required science course such as Exploring the Universe.

“When students come to Bridgewater, they get pushed and challenged – and then they find out what they are capable of doing,” Dr. Arndt said. “As a parent, if I were looking at colleges for my children, I’d want to know who is going to be helping my child learn. The caliber of our faculty is outstanding, and they are also constantly improving. Once students get exposed to this experience, they realize what this type of education can mean for them.”