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Free COVID Rapid Antigen Tests Available Next Week for Students, Faculty, Librarians & Staff – A Message from President Clark

Office of the President
Friday 1/21/2022

Subject: Free COVID Rapid Antigen Tests Available Next Week for Students, Faculty, Librarians & Staff - A Message from President Clark


Dear students, faculty, librarians and staff,

Yesterday, hundreds of carloads of students and BSU colleagues safely and seamlessly drove through BSU’s free COVID rapid test distribution site in the Burnell parking lot to receive test kits. On behalf of the entire university, I would like to extend a warm thank you to the staff, students, and police who braved rain, snow, and very chilly temperatures to distribute rapid tests throughout the day. I was fortunate to assist for a couple of hours last night as well, and during that time, I witnessed a truly wonderful and joyful BSU spirit from everyone who came together as a caring community.

Since BSU continues to have an ample supply of rapid test kits on hand, we will again distribute free kits (each kit contains two tests) throughout next week beginning on Monday, January 24th. One kit will be provided to you, and you must show your BSU ID to receive the kit. Every member of our campus community is eligible, and the free kits will be distributed as follows:

Rondileau Student Union Information Desk Monday-Friday (January 24th to 28th)

Once again, we encourage all students, faculty, librarians, and staff to test prior to the start of in-person classes on January 24th and every few days thereafter. As a reminder, BSU is also making free PCR testing available throughout the semester to students, faculty, librarians, and staff through the Wellness Center. Testing will be available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays without an appointment at the Dunn Conference Suite and on Mondays and Thursdays through an appointment at the Wellness Center.

I also wanted to encourage members of our campus community who need a COVID booster shot to participate in our booster clinic on Monday, January 24th, at the BSU Wellness Center in Weygand Hall. Appointments are required and can be made through the Wellness Center's BridgeNet site. Booster clinics will be available throughout the spring semester.

Finally, tens of thousands of CDC-approved masks are available in every classroom, academic space, and residential hall on campus. Indoor masking is mandatory and proper mask wearing is an important tool in assisting our collective ability to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus on our campus.

For additional information on BSU’s spring semester COVID-19 plan, please visit our comprehensive BSU COVID-19 website.

Warmest regards,

Fred Clark
Frederick W. Clark Jr., Esq.