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Affordable Spring Break Destinations

Affordable Spring Break Destinations


Spring break is right around the corner—March 11-15—and we’re all itching to get out of here. Maybe someplace tropical? Or maybe head to the mountain and get in some last-minute boarding? The options are endless, except for the factor of your limited budget.

Spring break doesn’t have to be expensive though. See the list below of some destinations that you might not have thought about before and how to do the trips on the cheap.

New Orleans

If you’re looking for a different option than sitting on a beach, New Orleans is the perfect place for you to soak up the culture and warm temps. It’s about a $200 round-trip flight from Boston and you could find an inexpensive Airbnb for the week. The city has amazing food, fun attractions and great nightlife.

Myrtle Beach

Trying to have that tropical island feel without spending the money on a resort? Myrtle Beach is drivable, if you’re willing to make a small road trip. They have 60 miles of beaches to explore. No passport or flight needed, which helps make it affordable.

Sunday River Maine

Maybe not affordable for the whole week, but an option to consider for those interested in playing in the snow for a few days. Head to Sunday River during the week, which is less expensive than skiing on the weekends and shred away. It’s cheaper than flying to resorts in Utah or Colorado and there late-season deals are offered.

Montreal, Canada

You can either fly for cheap or just take the 6-hour drive up to make it more affordable. Honestly, the drive isn’t bad and you can make a pit stop in Burlington, Vermont, to experience another spot. Airbnbs are cheap and easy to get to in both areas. Prepare for snow when packing!


Depending on where you want to go, you may be able to take advantage of last-minute deals available when booking. Check out Royal Caribbean for deals during the week because they want to fill their rooms. Contrary to popular belief, cruises are actually extremely affordable. Everything is paid for upfront so you know what you can and can’t afford. There’s always something to do and, in my experience, cruise ships have the nicest staff I’ve ever met on a trip.

These are only a few suggestions that are a bit different than your standard Punta Cana or Dominican Republic trips. Wherever you end up, have a great week!

This article was written by Catherine Rafuse, ’19, a psychology major.