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Engaging Students

Weeks of Welcome

Weeks of Welcome is a series of programs designed for new and transfer students to introduce them to BSU. These programs are wonderful opportunities to meet some new people, make new friends and have fun as you transition through your first weeks of college here at Bridgewater State University.

Homecoming & Family Day

Homecoming & Family Day is a wonderful tradition for students, alumni, families, and friends to gather to celebrate campus pride and all that BSU has to offer.

Time to Talk

The Time to Talk educational sessions are intended for students and their families to become better informed on topics that will enrich the student's academic experience and developmental growth. The program provides students and their family supporters a space to be educated on important topics and issues that affect today's college students such as safety, personal well being, financial literacy and impactful engagement opportunities. Dates for the two sessions held each semester are available on our Calendar.