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Residential Learning Communities

What is an RLC?

Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) give students the opportunity to connect their academic goals with their co-curricular interests. Each RLC partners with faculty from the university to create a true learning environment conveniently located in a residence hall community.

Honors, ’12


Honors: The Honors Residential Learning Community is a cohort of students accepted to the Honors Program. Students live together in a community of scholars who have a mutual interest for striving in academic excellence.



Science Math, ’12


Science & Math: The Science and Math Residential Learning Community offers students majoring in math or science the opportunity to live among other students that have also declared the disciplines as their major.



Service Based, ’12


Service-Based Learning Community: The Service-Based Residential Learning Community is a group of students that are dedicated to becoming engaged in their community and making a difference through service.



Global Village, ’12


Global Village: The Global Village promotes internationalization at Bridgewater by providing support for incoming international students, returning Study Abroad students and students with international, regional or global majors or minors.



Social Justice, ’12



Social Justice: The Social Justice Residential Learning Community is a dynamic living and learning environment for upper-class students that want to promote a culture of justice and equity in their communities.