Technology on Campus

Bridgewater State University has a state-of -the-art campus network that includes campus-wide wireless coverage as well as a resilient infrastructure to make it all happen. We have an extensive array of computers available for general use as well as specially tailored discipline-specific labs with the latest software tools to support the mission of teaching and learning.

Bridgewater has incorporated computing and presentation technology in all general-purpose classrooms and has distributed internet stations throughout the campus. We have developed a wide range of online applications to support research as well as to meet the administrative needs of the community. We offer comprehensive learning management systems via Blackboard and Moodle.

There are office productivity tools and academic software programs all geared to enriching the academic experience of our students. Our faculty are developing innovative new ways to teach with technology, and they are sharing their experiences with colleagues in forums such as EdTech Day, the CART Celebrations, the Massachusetts Colleges Online conference, and national conferences.

We embrace the community and the region with technology resources like the wireless network, Web-based applications and many other resources, including electronic resources through the campus library. In recognition of these accomplishments, Bridgewater State University has received multiple awards and placed in national rankings of top colleges in the use of technology.

Our Mission:

The role of the Information Technology Division is to advance the mission of the college by delivering best-of-class information technology systems and services to Bridgewater students, faculty, staff and departments. With a wide range of sophisticated technological services, the division promotes quality education and instructional innovation, and builds effective and convenient business and information services.