Publishing Stories

Walking into Dr. Sarah Fawn Montgomery’s class, you might think you’ve entered a publishing house – and that’s exactly the point.

Undergraduates in the interdisciplinary course produce Bridgewater State University’s literary and arts journal, The Bridge. The staff solicits works from students and alumni, decides which submissions to print, designs and markets the journal, organizes events and writes a blog.

Slippery Subject

Laboratory work is an integral component of science courses, but it often focuses on conducting experiments for which there is already a known answer. Bridgewater State University’s Dr. Caitlin Fisher-Reid wants to lead her classes into the unknown.

Thanks to a National Science Foundation grant, she is bringing ongoing research on salamanders into the classroom.

Fisher-Reid mentors some students through independent research (see video above), but the grant enables her to extend the project to those just taking a class.

Korean Spoken Here

This holiday season, Kaitlin Gallagher, ’21, will give her mother a present she hopes she’ll never forget, thanks to a new Bridgewater State University class.

Kaitlin is taking Elementary Korean with the goal of talking with her mom – who is Korean and came to the United States as a teenager – in her mother’s native tongue.

“It’s going to be a complete surprise,” said the Taunton resident, who is majoring in health studies and minoring in psychology.

Game On!

In Alison Salomone’s Bridgewater State University math seminar you’re more likely to hear the shuffling of cards and the clinking of chips than the squeaking of a marker on a board.

It All Adds Up! Or Does It?

You may have heard the saying, “All politics is local.” But, all politics is math for students in a class currently being taught by Bridgewater State University Assistant Professor of Mathematics Jacqueline Anderson.

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