Flying Over the Rainbow

Oz is an enchanted land where witches and even monkeys can fly, but ever wonder how they do it?

The cast and crew at Bridgewater State University’s Family Performing Arts Center are eager to show off their flying skills in The Wizard of Oz, opening Friday on the Rondileau Campus Center stage.

So Says the Wizard

Those familiar with The Wizard of Oz most likely visualize a man with white hair portraying the titular character.

But in this summer’s production of the much-loved story, produced by the award-winning Family Performing Arts Center at Bridgewater State University, actress Neha Groves is playing the “voice behind the curtain.”

Born and raised in India, Groves moved to the United States in 2005 where she attended Louisiana State University to pursue a master’s degree in physical oceanography.

Groves said it’s encouraging to see roles being less gender-specific.

There's No Place Like Home

Everyone knows Dorothy follows the Yellow Brick Road to reach the Emerald City. But, you may not realize several cast and crew members in Family Performing Arts Center’s upcoming production of The Wizard of Oz took their own Yellow Brick Road through Bridgewater State. Their destination? Theatrical excellence.

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