A Worthy Outfit

For most women, it’s hard to imagine a complete wardrobe consisting of just two outfits. However, for many girls living in rural areas, that’s reality. 

Triumph on the Home Front

If you saw the African village of Angol where Chol Duang grew up, you’d be hard pressed to imagine him as an international traveler and national broadcast journalist.

Celebrating an Icon

The Mandela Washington fellows spending part of the summer on campus traveled to Boston on Thursday to take part in the city’s annual celebration of Nelson Mandela International Day. The event is celebrated each year on July 18, Mandela’s birthday, and commemorates the former South African president’s commitment to social justice and his lifetime of service to others.

Mandela Fellows Arrive

Sarah Adole isn’t content to simply work for the prison system in Nigeria. She wants to be a nationwide reformer and thinks a fellowship at Bridgewater State University is critical to accomplishing that goal. 

Adole, who is participating in the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, saw the difference past fellows made and is eager to do the same.

Mandela Fellows Returning

A taste of Africa is coming once again this summer to Bridgewater State University.

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