Powering the Future

Aligning a laser can be tricky. Just ask the handful of physics majors who spend large chunks of time in a second-floor laboratory inside the Dana Mohler-Faria Science and Mathematics Center.

Actually, for them, working with lasers, as well as atoms, electrons and photons, is – if not child’s play – pretty much routine.

All the same, gaining experience in these rarified matters will likely lead these students to top graduate schools or careers with well-known engineering firms.

Laying the Groundwork

Upon arriving at Bridgewater State 20 years ago, Dr. Ed Deveney found a college excelling at producing science teachers. But, the physics professor wanted to make his department also known for undergraduate research.

“There was nothing in physics. There was no real research,” said Deveney. “The students jumped right in and made it all happen.”

Lighting the Future

Bridgewater State University is about to offer an exciting new option for physics students that can open doors to potential employment opportunities.

BSU is already known for its strong physics program, but students majoring in the discipline often find their options are limited upon graduation if they do not want to pursue a terminal degree or work in the research field.

That’s all about to change.

The university is introducing a new photonics program and industry leaders are taking notice.

Photonics and Optical Engineering Faculty Hired

Bridgewater State University continues taking steps toward the goal of becoming a leader in the expanding field of photonics.

The university is preparing to roll out new photonics and optics programs as it prepares to offer its first engineering degree. To meet the growing needs, the physics department has hired two professors, Samuel Serna Otalvaro and Elif Demirbas.

Photonics programming unveiled

The future of technology is arriving at Bridgewater State University.

With help from a $1.4 million state grant, BSU is developing new programming and labs related to integrated photonics, a field that uses light to revolutionize industries such as telecommunications, precision measurements, biomedical sensing and imaging, and autonomous vehicles.

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