Steps to Success

Alexander Fagundes, ’21, and Jennifer Santana, ’22, know the value of higher education. And thanks to Bridgewater State University’s partnership with local community colleges, they’re able to reach for their dreams.

Earning associate’s degrees helped Alexander adjust to college academics, and Santana, as she prefers to be called, get the boost she needed to return to the classroom after time away from school.

Student Spotlight

Teresa Magan doesn’t deal well with obstacles. She moves past them with determination and looks ahead to whatever’s next. It’s a trait that has served her well over her 47 years.

Teresa and her siblings fled the civil war in her native El Salvador in 1987, when she was 17. A family on Long Island sponsored them, and she was able to become a United States citizen and graduate from high school, after which she moved to Rhode Island. After marrying, she moved to Massachusetts.

Student Profile: Manuel Pina, ’21

As a first-generation student, Manuel Pina, ’21, had no one at home to ask about the college experience. Fortunately, he came to Bridgewater State University, where about half the student population is first-gen, and faculty and staff eagerly help unlock doors to opportunity and scientific discovery.

Using Her Influence

Upon meeting Maggie MacDonald it’s easy to understand why 250,000 people follow her on YouTube and another 163,000 keep up with her on Instagram.

The 22-year-old Bridgewater State University senior glows when she greets you, wearing a smile that draws you into the positive vibe she’s putting out. Her vibrant personality has undoubtedly helped propel her into a successful career as a social media influencer.

Global Outlook

Brittany Christian, ’20, is a world traveler, and she credits Bridgewater State University with broadening her horizons – academically and geographically.

Healthy Outlook

On a trip to his native Ghana, Kevin Asirifi, ’20, and his family met a woman selling brooms. After buying one, the street vendor profusely thanked them for making it possible for her to eat that evening.

“That’s something that stuck with me to this day,” he said of the memory from the 2016 trip. “I’ll never forget it.”

Kevin knew he wanted to help his homeland, which faces significant income inequality issues. Thanks to his time at Bridgewater State University, he envisions a public health career as his way to aid the West African nation.

Leading Example

[Editor's Note: This is the second story in our Back to School series.]

“Shy” is not the first word that comes to mind upon meeting Anna Grady, ’20. But, that’s how she described herself – at least until she flourished as a student at Bridgewater State University.

Leading Light

Brahmin Thurber-Carbone, ’21, is only halfway through his Bridgewater State University undergraduate education, but he can check one item off the scientific bucket list that many never accomplish: Spending a summer researching at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Studying Shakespeare Abroad

Shakespeare’s plays present a struggle for many high school students. But aspiring educator, Ethan Child, ’21, sees a promising approach to teaching the Bard’s work rooted in music.

The Bridgewater State University English and secondary education major learned about the playwright’s work at a recent program in the United Kingdom.

Rising to the Challenges

First she became Miss Taunton, then Miss Massachusetts. Could Miss America be next for Bridgewater State University’s Lyndsey Kate Littlefield?

The biology major and member of the Class of 2020 hails from Taunton, and is in a select group of women with that opportunity. Her recent victory in the Miss Massachusetts scholarship pageant qualifies her for the Miss America competition. The event will be held on a date to be announced and broadcast on NBC. 


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