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Bridgewater Alumni Association

The Bridgewater Alumni Association, represented by a board of members from the Classes of 1959-2014, seeks to reconnect graduates with their alma mater. The Alumni Association awards scholarships and hosts events and activities for alumni who want to maintain their ties with the university. On an annual basis, the group holds an Alumni Awards Dinner, highlighting the accomplishments of graduates, faculty, and staff. 

Board of Directors

Jason Stocker, '04, President

Charles Stockbridge, '76, Treasurer

Margaret Caulfield, '00, Alumni Trustee

Carol Sacchetti, '98, Past President 

Members at Large 

Jacqueline Bouchard Fitzpatrick, '62

Pete Castonguay, '05

Jean Chisser, '80

Brendan Concannon, '14

Daniel Darcy, '88, G'90

Tom Devin, '88

Gabriella Diniz, '14

Lori Hindle, '97

Carrie Kulick-Clark, '85, G'98

F. Scott Longo, '89

Ashley Reidy, '08

Ronald Rezzani, '83

Donald Smith, '59, G'62

Margarida Vieira, '02, G'07

Michael Vieira, '75