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Group Tours

Freshman tour


Group Tours offered through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions are intended for prospective students in or entering high school or for students transferring from another institution who want a general overview of the admission process.

We ask that you review the following information before filling out the online request form for a Group Visit.

  • Group tour requests must be submitted via the online request form at least three weeks in advance of the tour.
  • A roster of attending student names and email addresses must be provided in advance of coming to campus or groups must allow time during the visit to complete contact cards.
  • Students must be in 8th grade or higher to attend a group tour through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
  • If a group is smaller than 10 people, we ask that you register for one of our regularly scheduled tours.
  • One chaperone must be present for every ten students.
  • Group tours begin and end on the Boyden Quad unless otherwise specified by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
  • Any changes to a group tour request must be made via email to within five business days of the scheduled tour.
  • Tour cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to the scheduled group tour.
  • If a group is running late, please notify the Office of Undergraduate Admissions via telephone, (508)531-1237. Furthermore, if a group is over 15 minutes late, we reserve the right to either shorten a tour or cancel the tour.
  • We ask that the coordinator of the group tour be present for the tour or provide the name of a point person who will be present for the tour.
  • If a group requires more than 1 tour guide then chaperones are responsible for dividing the group into equal portions.
  • If a group is interested in meeting with another department on campus, please contact that department prior to the tour to make an appointment.

Due to our regularly scheduled tours, we do not have a set time for group visits. Rather, we try to schedule group visits around our tour guides' schedules while attempting to adhere to the times that you request. Furthermore, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions cannot schedule group tours during exceptionally busy times on the Admissions calendar.

Thank you for your interest in Bridgewater State University. We look forward to hosting your group!

Please fill out the online form and the Office of Admission will contact you shortly to schedule your visit.