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eBill is Bridgewater State University's official method for sending student account statements. Students no longer receive paper statements (or bills) in the mail; rather they receive email notification  when new statements are available online through the BSU Student Account Suite.

This service is a secure method for viewing student account information and making online payments. eBill features online payment options to all students at no charge.

In addition to student's receiving notification of new statements, students have the ability to add authorized users to their account - typically parents or spouses. Authorized users will also receive email notification of new online statements. Additionally, authorized users can make online payments with credit card or online personal check. eBill allows students and their authorized users to save their stamps and simply: Point. Click. Pay!


eBill Allows Students To:

  • View current and previous billing statements online
  • Automatically be notified when new statements are available
  • Make secure online payments with credit card or online personal check
  • Allow authorized users the ability to view statements and make online payments

eBill offers both students and parents a number of advantages over traditional paper bills, including:

  • Payments made online are posted to student account immediately
  • Students can authorize users (parents, spouse, etc.) to view and pay bills
  • Easy to read online history of past statements and payments
  • Ease of use and convenience. eBill is available 24 hours a day
  • Statements and payments are private and secure
  • You can also print your eBill statements and remit payment through the mail to the Student Accounts Office

Bridgewater University’s eBill provides added convenience for students and their authorized users. Users can call up billing statements on demand and view their most up-to-date statement anytime, reflecting all current charges and payments.

eBill offers flexibility in payment options, including credit card and online personal check payments.