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Application Status

Thank you for your interest in Bridgewater State University. As you submit your application for admission, you will receive an acknowledgment letter from the Office of Admissions indicating your login ID and PIN.

You may use this information at the link below to check the status of your application (to determine if it is incomplete, complete or if a decision has been made). Please note that the actual admission decision WILL NOT be indicated here but will be sent via mail.

This link will also indicate all documentation that is required with your application and whether this documentation has been received by admissions. Please visit this site periodically as the status will change as information is received and as the admission review process is completed.

Please allow three weeks after you submit your application for updates to your online status because of heavy response and processing times during this busy time of year. You will receive a separate email if there is any missing documentation needed to complete your application.

Link to Application Status

If you haven't visited our campus, we would encourage you to take a campus tour, which is one of the best ways to determine whether a school "feels" right. Visit the campus and take a tour given by BSU students or view our 238-acre campus.