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Outreach Education

The staff in Outreach Education foster students' academic and personal success by increasing discussion, examining issues and exploring the underlying contexts of key health behaviors. Our aim is to support and encourage the university community and individual students to think critically about healthy decision-making.

Our objective is to prepare individuals and groups to take meaningful action to reduce negative, and increase positive, health-related behavior. This objective is accomplished through individual consultation, prevention efforts, and educational outreach to the university community.

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Peer Educators

The mission of the BSU Peer Educators is to empower students to make informed decisions with regard to alcohol, drugs and related health and social issues. The Peer Educators, selected through an interview process, receive training to educate other BSU students. They provide engaging inclusive and informative events, workshops, and awareness campaigns around issues faced by BSU students, serving to connect students to university and community resources.

In addition to special event programming, Peer Educators provide programs on request to the campus community. Programs have been conducted for BSU student clubs and organizations, athletic teams, commuters and resident students.

Alcohol Edu Required Alcohol Education Course

All enrolled BSU students with freshmen standing are required to complete an online alcohol education course. The course has two parts, Part 1 is due March 20 and Part 2 is due March 31. There is a 7 day wait period after completing Part 1, before getting access to Part 2. Instructions will be sent to students' BSU email accounts after add/drop passes. Failure to pass Part 1 and complete Part 2 will result in a hold being placed on the student account, which will prevent future class registration, until the course is completed.


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