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Internship Eligibility Requirements

Credited academic internships

  • Complete BSU’s Application for Internship in consultation with your department’s faculty internship advisor.
  • Junior or senior standing, minimum GPA of 2.5*, paid or unpaid.
  • Internships typically last one semester or summer.** The deadline for application is the last day of drop/add.
  • Academic credit is awarded by the department (45 clocked hours per academic credit). You are monitored by a faculty internship coordinator/advisor from your major department.
  • Learning objectives are the basis of your internship and require that the internship possesses an academic framework. The academic component may include a paper and/or keeping of a journal or portfolio.
  • May include a site visit(s) by your faculty advisor or Internship Program Director and a meeting between the internship site supervisor, faculty member/Internship Program Director and intern.

*Some departments may have a higher GPA standard and/or specific criteria for internships within their majors. Be sure to check with your major department’s faculty internship advisor.

** Academic credit earned for summer internships falls outside the normal academic year tuition and fees and must be paid for separately as a summer course.

Non-credit internships

  • Complete BSU’s Non-Credit Internship Form and submit it to the Internship Program Office
  • Freshman, sophomore, junior or senior standing, paid or unpaid.
  • No restriction in regard to GPA or hours; no academic approval is required.
  • Student works directly with the employer on matters pertaining to training, wages, hours, responsibilities, and supervision of the internship.
  • No requirement for an academic component, however, the experience should contribute to your personal and professional development and provide opportunities for learning through challenging work assignments.
  • Experience does not go on your transcript but may be included on your resume.

Note: some organizations only offer credited internship opportunities. The Internship Program Office can provide a “letter of good standing” for you and document the university’s support of non-credit internships.