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Alma Mater Song

Congratulations to Juliana Horton for her winning entry to the Bridgewater Alma Mater lyrics contest!

Alma Mater Lyrics— Bridgewater State University

Words by Juliana Horton

Our love of community guides us in purpose and thought, well aware, the courage to lead and inspire, the hallmark of ev’ry Bear.  

Alma Mater! Alma Mater! Rising to what lies before. Alma Mater, keep Bridgewater close to heart forever more!

Wherever the road takes us onward, a time will arise, now and then, with ever a sense of belonging, we’ll come home to you — again.


For legions of those you have tended, your history vital and strong, for then and today and tomorrow, we join in our loyal song.



Listen to the Melody

We have included an mp3 recording of the alma mater melody. (Click button to play audio.)


About the Alma Mater Lyrics Contest

Over the past two years, the BSU Spirit Committee has been reviewing our alma mater and soliciting input from different constituencies about possible new directions. We heard that people found the alma mater difficult to sing and that the lyrics felt less relevant to the BSU experience of today.

As a result, we decided to embark on a process for revising our alma mater. We started by reviewing the alma mater melody. After careful consideration of several alternative melodies, which the Spirit Committee conducted with the assistance of Mr. Steven Karidoyanes, music director of the Plymouth Philharmonic Orchestra, it was clear that the existing melody, with minor revisions that would make it easier for everyone to sing, was the way to go.

The Spirit Committee decided that it was time to reconsider the lyrics for the alma mater, which were penned by Zelma Lucas, Class of 1904, and William Lester Bates, Class of 1892. Lovely as they are, these lyrics reflect the mood of the times in which they were written. It is the goal of the Spirit Committee to refresh this important institutional song so it best captures and expresses the aspirations and pride of our BSU community in the 21st century and beyond.

The Spirit Committee decided that rather than commission new lyrics, it preferred a far more inclusive process that engaged our entire BSU community. As a result, the new lyrics will be determined through an Alma Mater Lyrics Contest, open to all members of the BSU community, including students, faculty, staff and alumni. Participants will be asked to write and submit original lyrics for consideration. Learn more about the alma mater lyrics contest.

We see and feel the pride that we have in this great university and in those who have come before us. An updated alma mater, with lyrics written to reflect the current times and spirit of our beloved BSU, will help engage our entire BSU community and better express the feelings that all generations share.