Faculty Life & Development

Faculty Life and Development

As a student-centered university focused primarily on excellence in teaching, Bridgewater State is committed to the professional development of its full-time and part-time faculty and librarians. This commitment is provided to them through all stages of their careers and across all disciplines and in all relevant areas of professional attainment, including teaching, scholarship and service. Through faculty development, we aim to establish and sustain a community of teacher-scholars and a university culture that values, promotes, and rewards meaningful professional growth.

Who We Are

New faculty and librarians are supported through a variety of programs while many current faculty and librarians have won awards for teaching excellence, collaboration, creative works, and research.

Teaching and Learning

The Office of Teaching & Learning offers funded opportunities for faculty and librarians to develop their courses, methods and philosophy of teaching, to participate in teaching conferences, and to pursue the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Research, Scholarship, and Creative Endeavors

The Center for the Advancement of Research and Scholarship (CARS) and the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) offer faculty many opportunities to develop and expand their own professional interests as well as mentor students who begin work in their own areas of creative work, research, and scholarship.

Leadership and Service

Bridgewater is committed to providing faculty and librarians with the skills, knowledge and resources to develop paths to leadership and service throughout the university in their discipline and department as well as local and regional communities and national and international organizations.

Work/Life Balance

The Faculty Advocacy Network (FAN) provides support to Bridgewater State University faculty at all phases of their careers.  Through a variety of programming, FAN offers faculty guidance and practical assistance with short-term and long-term goal setting, and balancing teaching, research, and service with personal life.

Meet Our Faculty

Bridgewater’s professors – many of them scholar-practitioners – are resolutely down-to-earth and known for their commitment to their students.  At every turn, they are ready to serve as mentors, guides and the guardians of your greatest aspirations.  Here are a few examples of our outstanding faculty.