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First Year Student Orientation

Welcome to the Crimson Experience

Orientation is not just an event at BSU— it is an engaging process that begins from the moment a new first year student deposits to the end of their first semester! At BSU this is called the “Crimson Experience.” If you have any questions about the Crimson Experience, please reach out to Orientation at 508.531.1840 or

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Bear Launch

The Bear Launch welcome call is a required first step for new first year students to kickstart their Crimson Experience. Students will receive an email from with an assigned date and time for a one-on-one phone call. Bear Launch calls will resume in August 2023.
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BSU Checkpoint

During this program, you will be able to confirm items on your Checklist and make connections with your peers! The Checkpoint program is run throughout the month of June. If you are unable to attend, remember to continue to check your BSU email for important information leading up to the start of the semester, and review your First Year or Transfer Checklists for your next steps!
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Crimson Days

Your Crimson Experience continues with “Crimson Days” - a variety of interactive events designed for new to BSU students to make connections, learn about BSU and engage with the BSU community. 

SAVE THE DATE! For fall 2023, Crimson Days kicks off with Crimson Celebration on Thursday Aug. 31 at 7pm in Tinsley. More Crimson Days programming will then be held on Friday Sept. 1 and Saturday Sept. 2 from approximately 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.  More information to come! 

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Bear Connections

Bear Connections is a program that runs throughout the first semester. All new first year students are connected to a trained student leader who serves as a peer guide as they navigate the ins and outs of being a new bear!
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Students must submit their English essay to choose classes and meet with an advisor in the Academic Achievement Center. Completing all placement testing as soon as possible will ensure you are able to register at the earliest possible time.
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Students must complete their Bridgewater Elementary Algebra Readiness (BEAR) Exam to choose classes and meet with an advisor in the Academic Achievement Center. Completing all placement testing as soon as possible will ensure you are able to register at the earliest possible time.
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Advising and Registration

After completing Math and English placement testing, students will receive their personalized Advising Welcome Email to their BSU email with recommended courses to register for and the link to sign up for their individual advising appointment. Advising Welcome Emails will begin being sent to students’ BSU email accounts May 22, 2023. The email will come from 

Students should follow the instructions in their Advising Welcome Email to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor and register for classes as soon as possible. During the advising appointment, advisors will finalize course schedules,  begin building the advising relationship, and any answer questions students have to help them feel prepared to start at BSU.

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Accommodations and Accessibility

If you have a disability and need to request accommodations or campus mobility/access planning, please contact Student Accessibility Services at 508.531.2194 or
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Helpful Videos

View helpful how-to videos for new bears!