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Student Crisis Information

CALL 911 to report an emergency or life-threatening situation.   


For non-emergencies, call Bridgewater State University Police at 508.531.1212.
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When a student is in crisis or feeling overwhelmed, Bridgewater offers resources and supports to help manage through difficult situations. Whether the issue is related to a student’s health, welfare, mental health, physical safety, financial insecurity or another concern, our CARE (Crisis - Assessment - Referral - Evaluation) Team and other BSU professionals are here to help.

Students, their families, faculty, librarians and staff are encouraged to review the resources below for assisting a student in a crisis situation.

Student Crisis Resources

Additional Crisis Resources

BSU Student Resources

At BSU, we understand the impact that stressors outside of the classroom can have on your student success. We also understand the significant cost of higher education and the overall impact attending college can have on your availability to work and cover the basics. We have compiled the following resources that may help ease the struggle and set you up for success.

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How to Talk to Students

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It’s often a relief to students to know that people at the university notice and care.
  • Broach the subject in a caring, supportive way
  • Clearly express your concerns in non-disparaging non-confrontational terms.
  • Remind the student of their personal responsibility as a member of the community
  • Respect the student’s privacy but do not promise confidentiality
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Whether you or a student broaches the topic, it is important to have privacy and some time without interruption.
  • Don’t minimize the problem or solve too quickly with advice.
  • Let the student express emotion (often it has been building/bottled up)
  • Ask if the student has found anything to help with the problem.
  • Inquire about their support network
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  • The student situation may be beyond what you can address, but your support is still critical
  • Reassure student the decisions to seek/accept help is a wise choice and they are not alone
  • Offer to meet to ensure follow through
  • Refer to the CARE Team
  • If an emergency — DO NOT WAIT — call BSU Police at 508.531.1212 or 911

Distress Signals

Being aware of distress signals, ways to intervene, and resources will help you respond effectively to an individual who needs help. Take the signs of distress seriously, particularly if it is not normally characteristic of the person. You might be the one saving a life by being available at the right place and right time with the right resources.

  • Decline in grades
  • Repeated absences
  • Not doing homework
  • Multiple requests for extensions
  • Considering leaving school
  • Disruption to learning environment
  • Inappropriate or concerning content in assignments/presentations
  • Depression: crying spells, feeling sad more often than not
  • Anxiety: feeling tense, nervous, worried, panic attacks (could include PTSD)
  • Antagonistic to others, unprovoked anger
  • Impulsiveness, loss of self control
  • Confused speech or behavior
  • Hallucinations, delusions, paranoia
  • Overwhelming concern about finances, relationships, balancing multiple demands, etc. 
  • Changes in physical appearance, poor hygiene
  • Excessive fatigue, low energy
  • Agitated expression or movements
  • Excessive weight loss/gain
  • Bruises, cuts or other injury
  • Physical or verbal outbursts
  • Withdrawing socially, avoiding eye contact
  • Statements about death, dying, suicide, homicide, etc.
  • Physical violence
  • Sexual assault
  • Stalking and harassment of any kind
  • Intoxicated or under the influence
  • Threatening communication

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