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CAP Rubric and What to Look For Guides

CAP Rubric

The CAP Rubric was designed by MA DESE to guide observations, candidate feedback and assessments from program supervisors and supervising practitioners.


In the practicum semester, candidates are assessed on 7 CAP Elements:

  • I.A.1: Subject Matter Knowledge
  • I.A.3: Well-Structured Units and Lessons
  • I.B.2: Adjustments to Practice
  • II.A.3: Meeting Diverse Needs
  • II.B.1: Safe Learning Environment
  • II.E.1: High Expectations
  • IV.A.1: Reflective Practice

Click here to return to the CAP Resources page. Find the CAP Rubric on this page.

Program supervisors and supervising practitioners will assess candidates on three dimensions of each CAP element: Quality, Scope, Consistency. See the CAP Guidelines on the CAP Resources Page for details on these measures.

What to Look for

Want some guidance on what to look for during observations of K-12 ELA, Math and Science/Technology/Engineering lessons?

What to Look For Guides