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K-12 students at event
K-12 students giving presentation

Future Educator Conference

Each spring Pre K–12 Education Outreach hosts a conference for high school juniors and seniors. The conference is specifically geared toward those high school students interested in pursuing a career in education. The conference includes several breakout sessions in various topics related to education; the sessions are concurrent giving each attendee the opportunity to participate in all sessions. 
Please contact Tracy Charbonnier ( or 508-531-1494 if you are a high school teacher interested in sending students to the conference.

Project Invention Convention

Each year Pre K–12 Education Outreach sponsors Project Invention Convention. Project Invention Convention is designed to give middle school students (grades 5 – 8) the opportunity to explore the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics and work as part of a team while enjoying the process of collaboratively creating an invention. Team teacher leaders choose 6 – 8 students to participate; they start planning out their invention ideas which leads to building their invention prototype. Students and teachers work throughout the school year to create their invention. Each June all teams travel to Bridgewater State University and present their invention to an audience and a group of judges. This is a competition and winning teams are chosen based on several categories.

Benefits for Teachers and Students

  • Team building
  • Communication skills
  • Writing skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Educational but fun
  • Activities related to science, technology, engineering and math
  • Stimulates interest in students
  • Invention can be patented

Please contact Tracy Charbonnier ( or 508-531-1494 if you are a middle school teacher interested in leading a team. 

Campus Visits

Pre K–12 Education Outreach hosts campus visits for young students in the region. Studies have proven that a college-going culture must be cultivated during middle school and fostered by educators, families, and community members for children to see themselves as college students. The primary goals of these planned visits are to ensure that students gain a heightened awareness of their potential to go to college, have increased motivation to complete middle and high school as a pathway to college and gain an increased interest in career and vocational opportunities.
Please contact Tracy Charbonnier ( or 508-531-1494 if you are a middle school teacher interested in planning a campus visit for your students.  

Transitions at Bridgewater (T@B) Program

The T@B program at Bridgewater State University is a unique collaboration between several public school districts and BSU. The purpose of the program is to give students with intellectual disabilities in a post-secondary program at their respective high school the opportunity to spend time on a university campus while learning social, functional and employment skills. The students attend a lesson every other Friday throughout their calendar school year. Each lesson is instructed by a Special Education teacher from one of the partnering districts. The students attending the T@B sessions throughout their academic year develop skills in career-planning, employment, self-advocacy and new life skills. Please contact Tina Raeke ( or 508-531-2571 for more information.

Conferences for teachers and administrators

PreK-12 Educational Outreach offers professional development for school districts in Southeastern Massachusetts on an as needed basis. Please contact Tracy Charbonnier ( or 508-531-1494.

Contact Us

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Ed Tech and Program Coordinator; PreK-12 Educational Outreach

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