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The first step of the CAP 5-Step Cycle is self-assessment. Drawing from prior experiences in pre-practicum and coursework, the TC completes a self-assessment of practice in the Eight Essential Elements and shares a preliminary professional practice goal with the PS and SP. The PS and SP complete a baseline assessment of the candidate’s skills based on Observation #1 and other sources of evidence.  The baseline assessment addresses all eight essential CAP elements while Announced Observation #1 is focused only on the CAP elements of Well-Structured Units and Lessons and High Expectations.

In CAP Step 1, there is one category of resources from DESE

Recommended Forms

There are three recommended forms for Step 1:

  • Candidate Self-Assessment Form
    This is a paper version of the online form the TC will complete in the online CAP Portal. The TC should fill this out prior to receiving feedback from Announced Observation #1. The information in this form should be based on the TC’s prior experiences in pre-practicum and coursework.
  • Candidate Preliminary Goal-Setting & Plan Development Form
    This is a paper version of the online form the TC will complete in the online CAP Portal. The SP and PS will provide feedback on the TC’s preliminary goal and implementation plan draft. This paper form may facilitate that process. 
  • Baseline Assessment Form
    This form can be used by the PS and SP to organize and calibrate on findings from the Announced Observation #1, conversations with the TC, written products, and overall classroom performance.  Note that this form provides an overall baseline assessment for all eight CAP elements. There is no version of this form in the online CAP portal.

Here’s how to find the Recommended Forms. Go to the CAP Guidelines web page  and scroll down to the table. Find Recommended Forms for Step 1:


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