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In Step 3, the TC will work on implementing the plan to work toward the professional practice goal* with the support of the PS and SP. To do this, the TC collects evidence of practice while the PS and SP conduct the first Unannounced Observation (#1) and the second Announced Observation (#2).  A pre-conference meeting should be conducted between TC and PS/SP in preparation for Announced Observation #2 as well as timely post-conference meetings to debrief from both the Announced #2 and Unannounced #1 Observations and share feedback. The TC can use this feedback as evidence for their professional practice goal process. 

Additionally, the TC will also administer the Student Feedback forms to collect data from students about TC performance. See details below. 

*See the Suggested Timelines page for different options for the Goal Setting and Implementation Plan process. 


In CAP Step 3, there are three categories of resources from DESE

  1. Required Forms
  2. Recommended Forms
  3. Suggested Resources

Required Forms

Step 3 has two Required Forms: 

  • CAP Observation Form
    The PS and SP can use this paper form to capture notes from the Unannounced Observation #1 and the Announced Observation #2 to help prepare feedback for the TC. This observation evidence must also be entered into the online CAP Portal. 
  • CAP Student Feedback Form
    The form can vary depending on grade level and the desired depth of feedback. There are several versions of this form for Grades 3-5 & 6-8. See where to click on the MA DESE CAP Guidelines webpage, in the screenshot below.

Here’s how to find the Required Forms. Go to the CAP Guidelines web page  and scroll down to the table. Find Required Forms for Step 3:

Student Feedback Forms - you have options

The screenshot below is from the document you will download when you click on CAP Student Feedback Forms on the CAP Guidelines Webpage, accessible from our own CAP Resources Page.  See the screenshot above for where to find this document on the CAP Guidelines Webpage. 

Note the two sections in the table below: Grades 3-5 & 6-12 and K-2. You’ll be able to access each form from the CAP Student Feedback Form document when you download it from the CAP Guidelines Webpage. 

Recommended Forms

There are two Recommended Forms for Step 3: 

  • Pre-Conference Planning Form
    This form offers guidance to the PS (and SP, optional) for conducting the pre-conference meeting for Announced Observation #2. This observation is focused on the following two CAP Elements: 1.B.2 (Adjustments to Practice) and 2.A.3 (Meeting Diverse Needs).
  • Post-Conference Planning Form 
    This form will help the PS and SP organize feedback to the TC after Unannounced Observation #1 and Announced Observation #2. This form helps you to be sure your conclusions and suggestions are rooted in evidence you collected from the observation, review of the written lesson plan/resources, and discussions prior to Announced Observation #2. Note that there are not pre-conferences for Unannounced Observations. 

Here’s how to find the Recommended Forms. Go to the CAP Guidelines web page  and scroll down to the table. Find Recommended Forms for Step 3:

Suggested Resource

There is one suggested resource for Step 3: 

  • CAP Student Feedback Forms Advisory
    This advisory provides guidance on the appropriate use and modification of these instruments within CAP and is designed to support providers in implementing the instruments successfully with TCs and their students. (text passage from the CAP Student Feedback Forms Advisory)

Here’s how to find the Suggested Resources. Go to the CAP Guidelines web page  and scroll down to the table. Find Suggested Resources for Step 3:

CAP Resources