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In Step 4, the Formative Assessment is conducted. The PS and SP collaborate as they review evidence collected to date, determine formative assessment ratings on each element, and share these ratings with the TC during the second Three-Way Meeting. The triad revisits and adjusts the plan and/or professional practice goal as necessary.

In CAP Step 4, there are three categories of resources from DESE

  1. Required Forms
  2. Suggested Resource

1. Required Forms

  • CAP Form
    This is the third of four times you’ll fill out parts of the CAP Form. In Step 4, the PS, SP and TC all sign and date the paper CAP form at the close of the Three-Way Meeting #2. The PS will also note the date of Three-Way Meeting #2 in the CAP Online Portal. These tasks signify the end of Step 4.
  • CAP Observation Form
    The PS and SP can use this paper form to capture notes from the Observations conducted to date and prepare feedback for the TC. This observation evidence must also be entered into the online CAP Portal*.
  • Formative Assessment Form
    This form is used by the PS and SP to organize and calibrate on findings from the all evidence collected to date including observation evidence, work toward professional practice goal, student feedback, impact on student learning, conversations with the TC, written products, and overall classroom performance.  Note that this form looks like the baseline and summative assessment forms. The PS and SP will also need to enter this information into digital form in the CAP Portal*. 

*We encourage everyone to keep a separate copy (digital or paper) of observation notes and feedback to the TC on the off chance that the data is not saved in the CAP Online Portal for reasons such as loss of Internet connection while completing the online form. 

Here’s how to find the Required Forms. Go to the CAP Guidelines web page  and scroll down to the table. Find Required Forms for Step 4:

2. Suggested Resource

There is one suggested resource for Step 4: the Three-Way Meeting Checklist #2. This document offers helpful guidance about preparing for the second Three-Way full team meeting with the SP, PS and TC during which the Formative Assessment will be reviewed.

Here’s how to find the Suggested Resources. Go to the CAP Guidelines web page  and scroll down to the table. Find Suggested Resources for Step 5: