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Undergraduate Online Teaching Certification Program

In-Person to Virtual Classrooms: Undergraduate Program in Online Teaching

From adapting to COVID-19 safety precautions to the growing number of online courses and degree offerings, today’s educators need sophisticated skills and expertise in online teaching.

Curious about undergraduate programs in online teaching? Expand your skillset with Bridgewater State University’s Teaching in a Virtual/Online K–12 Environment undergraduate certificate.

Our Department of Special Education designed this certificate in teaching in an online learning environment specifically for undergraduate students who plan to teach grades K–12. This program is also open to any BSU student interested in online teaching.

Add a certificate in virtual/online K–12 teaching to your academic plan to enhance your marketability in the field of education.

Teaching in an Online Learning Environment Certificate Program Highlights

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Take online teaching classes, online

Are you looking into getting a teaching degree online? Incorporate this certificate program to learn extra skills. Through the College of Continuing Studies at BSU, you can earn your certificate for teaching in an online learning environment with just four online courses you can take in any order.

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Practice what you learn

Through our teaching in an online learning environment undergraduate certificate program, you’ll learn how to translate classroom content in creative and engaging ways that work for online platforms, participate in a mock conference, examine case studies and more.

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Learn from knowledgeable, experienced instructors

How to become an online teacher? As experienced classroom teachers and experts in cutting-edge educational technology, your instructors are excellent resources for helping you learn online teaching methods and strategies.

Preparation you need

At BSU, our undergraduate program in online teaching will help you gain skills you can use for the rest of your career. You’ll learn best practices for using online learning platforms, preparing you to teach anywhere — from in-person classrooms, completely online settings or hybrid learning environments.

Career guidance and support when you need it

At BSU, we’re here for you. Whether you’re here in person or getting a teaching degree online, you can meet with your undergraduate advisor or the continuing studies coordinator whenever you need.

Small class sizes, big learning opportunities

As you work toward getting a teaching degree online, you’ll learn in online classrooms with about 25 students. This allows you to get one-on-one attention from your instructors, ample opportunities to collaborate and network with your classmates and help when you need it.

Program of Study for Teaching in an Online Learning Environment Undergraduate Certificate Students

As COVID-19 has illustrated, our need for educators with resources for online teaching is dire. If you’ve considered getting a teaching degree online, pursuing this certificate in online teaching is a timely move.

Online teaching requires a different skillset than classroom teaching. Through our undergraduate programs in online teaching and our certificate in teaching in an online learning environment, BSU can help you become a successful and engaging online teacher.

Our certificate program consists of four courses online, including:

  • Introduction to Teaching in a Virtual/Online Environment
  • The Learner in a Virtual/Online Environment
  • Consultation and Collaboration in Virtual/Online School Settings
  • Leadership in the Virtual/Online Education Environment

Click any link below to reveal each program's course detail.

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Program details from 2023-2024 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog

Careers in Teaching in a Virtual or Online K–12 Environment

Pursuing undergraduate programs in online teaching can make you a more competitive applicant for teaching jobs in the future. That’s because our teaching in an online learning environment certificate program will give you advanced technical skills you can use daily — no matter the classroom setting.

BSU students who complete the teaching in an online learning environment undergraduate certificate typically pursue teaching careers, while some continue their education in grad school.

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Continue Your Education Beyond Undergraduate Programs in Online Teaching Certificates

Are you thinking about pursuing graduate studies in education after you’ve completed your bachelor’s degree and undergraduate programs in online teaching at BSU?

Here are a few BSU graduate programs in education you may consider:

  • Early Childhood Education, MEd
  • Educational Leadership, MEd
  • Pre-K–12 Education, MEd
  • Digital Technology for Educators, Graduate Certificate