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BSU Dual Enrollment

BSU Dual Enrollment program


The Commonwealth Dual Enrollment Program allows high school students to enroll in college courses each Fall and Spring semester and receive both college and high school credit (if approved by the high school). Bridgewater State University is committed to making Dual Enrollment an equitable and accessible program for students in our region. 
To qualify for BSU's Dual Enrollment program, students must: 

  • Be a high school sophomore, junior or senior (anticipated graduation in 2025, 2026, or 2027). 
  • Be recommended by high school administrator, teacher, or guidance counselor. 
  • Have approval from parent or guardian (confirmed to BSU via high school recommendation). 

Courses at BSU will be offered to high school students at a reduced rate of $180 per credit (including fees). Bills should be paid once add/drop has passed and your schedule has been confirmed. 

Grant funds and school district funds may be available to cover some or all Dual Enrollment costs for Massachusetts High School students and may appear as a credit on student EBills if applied. 

Starting Summer 2024, Dual Enrollment students who meet the above qualifications may take summer courses with BSU at the full College of Continuing Studies Summer 2024 tuition and fee rate. Summer courses are not eligible for grand funding. Students and schools should pay attention to start and end dates for summer classes as they may overlap with the high school calendar. Summer 2024 applications are due Friday, April 26. Course requests and registration details will be shared with admitted students the week of April 29.  
Students who have received approval from their high school to participate in the Commonwealth Dual Enrollment Program should click the Apply to Dual Enrollment on the menu below.  
Contact Information: 
Rob Geddes 
Coordinator of Dual Enrollment and Early College

This application is for students planning to participate in the Commonwealth Dual Enrollment program through Bridgewater State University’s Collegiate Prep Academy in the College of Continuing Studies. If you are an Early College participant at one of our partner high schools (Brockton, Durfee, or New Heights), please visit for more information about the Early College program. 
The priority application deadlines for Dual Enrollment are May 31 for the Fall semester and November 30 for the Spring semester. Students should confirm their participation in Dual Enrollment with their high school and confirm the contact information for the staff member at the high school approving the participation.  
When ready to submit, please click on the Apply button below to create the application using a personal email address (school-issued email addresses cannot be used). As part of the application, you will complete a form to ask for confirmation from your high school. Your application cannot be processed until the application is submitted and your high school confirms your participation. 
After being admitted to the Dual Enrollment program, students will be contacted about course registration requests. Dual Enrollment students will be registered for courses one week before the start of the semester. 




Course Selection 
Students can consult the course search to access up-to-date course availability: 
1.    Select the upcoming Term 
2.    For Credit Type, select Undergraduate 
3.    For Campus, select Main Campus 
4.    Choose the subject and click the “Search” button at the bottom. 
Students admitted to the Dual Enrollment program will be contacted about course requests and will be registered one week before the start of the semester. 
Dual Enrollment students will continue to take in-person and online formats for their classes. Online classes will continue to have an additional fee and in-person is the recommended format for dual enrollment. First-year seminars, honors program classes, and classes below the 100 level must be approved by the Coordinator of Early College and Dual Enrollment. Placement testing may be required for certain classes. You must meet prerequisites for courses that are of higher levels; this can include AP exams. Please note: Course selection does not guarantee course availability.



An orientation for Dual Enrollment students will be scheduled before the semester starts. It is required for new students and optional for returning students. Students will be notified of the orientation details via email. 
This session will include how to access their University email address and login to the University's online services, some tips for success, and an explanation of the University’s available services. For students taking classes on campus at BSU, the orientation will include a Campus Tour and, potentially, an opportunity to hear from current BSU students who participated in the Dual Enrollment program.  
Throughout the academic year, Dual Enrollment students will be invited to the Bridgewater State campus for “College Knowledge” nights. These events will include information sessions to help students understand and prepare for their post-secondary planning process and may include a tour of Bridgewater State’s campus. 
Invitations will be sent to students directly via email with details.