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Dr. Louise Graham

Louise Graham
Professor Emerita of Counselor Education
Kelly Gym, Room 104

BS, MAT, Bridgewater State College
MA, PhD, Boston College

Dr. Louise B. Graham is a licensed Counseling Psychologist and National Health Care Provider. She arrived at BSU in 1999 as the fourth full-time faculty member of the Department of Counselor Education. She brought with her a wealth of teaching and clinical experience as an instructor and as a Psychologist, having already taught for 20 years at the college level and working as a Psychologist at the Veterans Administration, holding General C Clinical Hospital privileges as a staff Psychologist in Counseling Psychology and a Harvard Medical School Clinical appointment. She concurrently continued to function as a part-time Psychologist and doctoral intern supervisor at the Veterans Administration. 

In her 20 years at BSU, Dr. Graham pursued her scholarly work in the areas of crisis/disaster and with the military. She has 74 presentations at the local, state, and national level and has published 24 articles. She served as the coordinator of the Mental Health Counseling Programs and for International Students in the Counselor Education Program. Her most notable works include the contributions to the Library of Congress in the form of interviews with veterans. Coordinating with Maxwell Library Director, Michael Somers, a depository of these veteran interviews has been established as a permanent holding for the BSU community and the community at large. Her other notable work has been in the area of community service to the American Red Cross, serving in multiple roles; deployments for national and local disasters/ crises, Service to the Armed Forces, a member of the local Disaster Action Team, a member of the Mental Health Division, and as an instructor. She sits on the Advisory Board for Camp Resilience and facilitates workshops for this veterans organization’s retreats. She has involved students in these endeavors to enrich their learnings in the classroom, in the field and in course development. She has brought a number of two day conferences to Bridgewater regarding working with children of the military and in the area of disaster response.

Area of Expertise
PTSD, military, health -mindfulness, anxiety disorders