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Dr. Rahat Sabyrbekov

Dr. Rahat Sabrybekov with short dark hair wearing black rim glasses and a red, blue, green and white checkered button down shirt and standing with his arms folded in front of him
Part-Time Faculty
Burrill Office Complex, Room 100E
MSc, Bishkek State University, Kyrgyz Republic
MA, University of Birmingham, UK 
PhD, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway
I am an economist specializing in sustainable development, environmental economics, policy analysis, and capacity development. With a deep commitment to balancing economic growth and environmental preservation, I leverage my expertise to provide informed solutions. By conducting rigorous policy analysis, I contribute to effective decision-making. Through various roles, including Fellow at Harvard University, I work towards harmonizing development and ecological well-being. I have authored influential reports, spoken at international conferences to promote sustainability and offer capacity building. Let's collaborate to foster a more balanced and prosperous future.
Area of Expertise
Environmental economics, climate change, development