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Dr. Allyson Ferrante

Allyson Ferrante
Associate Professor of English; Coordinator of Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Tillinghast Hall, Room 215
BA, Skidmore College
MA, PhD, University of Southern California

Research and Teaching Interests:
Caribbean Literature
Postcolonial Literature and Theory
Recent British Multi-ethnic Literature
World Literature
The Supernatural

Dr. Ferrante's research focuses on literary articulations of Caribbean creolization that both confound and work to dismantle the psychological remnants of colonialism. She reads and teaches texts from the pan-Caribbean in its linguistic diversity and is a proud proponent of studying abroad to make one's scholarship and perspective as global as possible. She is endlessly fascinated by how individuals and communities can identify themselves apart from their colonial and (H)istorical assignments of inferiority, marginality, division, and illegitimacy, and instead, in their literary and cultural productions, reflect their unity, equality, beauty, and self-possession. As she teaches her students, expressions of self-identification can be powerful tools of resistance.​

Presidential Award for Distinguished Teaching, Bridgewater State University, 2019​

Area of Expertise
Postcolonial Literature and Theory, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Caribbean Literature, Creolization, Multi-ethnic British Literature, the Uncanny, and the Fantastic