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Dr. Robert Hellström

Dr. Rob Hellstrom in Llanganuco Vally in Peru
Professor of Geography
Science and Mathematics Center, Room 203

BS, MA, PhD, The Ohio State University

Dr. Robert Hellström is designing and maintaining networks of weather sensors to monitor climate change induced warming and extreme precipitation patterns in regions with complex landscapes. He specializes and has published work on snow processes in forests, urban microclimate variability and mountain meteorology. Dr. Hellström manages an automated weather station network and atmospheric dynamics lab with a wind tunnel at Bridgewater State University that provides real-time weather conditions for laboratory experiences for student and faculty research projects in the departments of Physics, Aviation, Biology, and Geography. He also manages content for the BSU EarthLab learning space, a four-foot spherical display in collaboration with the BSU Center for Advancement of STEM Education. He takes pride in mentoring students through research projects related to meteorology and climate with field locations in the northern Andes of Peru, local farms, local K-12 schools and on BSU campus. Dr. Hellström regularly teaches introductory courses in Global Physical Systems, Maps and Geodata, Climatology, Online Weather Studies and Meteorology and upper-level courses in Applied Meteorology and Senior Seminar.

Area of Expertise

Microclimatology, Weather Instruments, Snow Accumulation and Ablation