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Dr. Sandra L. Clark

Dr. Sandra L. Clark .jpeg
Professor of Geography
Science and Mathematics Center, Room 213

BA, Plymouth State College
MA, University of Colorado
PhD, Arizona State University

"Science begs to be done in the great outdoors. For the past two summers, I’ve worked in a mentoring and research program with our students and other faculty from chemistry and biology in the National Council for Undergraduate Research (NCUR)/Lancy program. We tackled serious environmental and water quality issues dealing with the Taunton River Watershed employing both field and lab research. The fruits of this research carries directly over into the classroom. In my Air Photo Interpretation and Remote Sensing course we will assess the accuracy of a portion of the state’s current Taunton River data base, and in Senior Seminar all our majors' skills will be applied to an investigation of the Taunton River’s status for potential inclusion in the federal Wild and Scenic Rivers program."

Area of Expertise
Physical Geography
Regional Geographic Studies