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Dr. Edward F. Deveney

Edward F. Deveney
Professor of Physics, Photonics and Optical Engineering
Science and Mathematics Center, Room 218

PhD, University of Connecticut in Storrs Atomic and Molecular Physics

Dr. Deveney developed the first physics research lab for undergraduates at Bridgewater State University constructing tunable diode lasers for studying fundamental quantum mechanical phenomena in atomic/molecular and optical (AOM) physics. He is a senior advisor for an NSF-funded research program at Yale probing fundamental atomic/nuclear and particle physics. Prior to coming to Bridgewater Dr. Deveney did post doc work with a 2000 US Fermi award winner at a National Lab including experiments at CERN. He has also been involved in medical physiology research at Tufts Vet School. Dr. Deveney emphasizes student mentoring covering theoretical quantum mechanics, experimental AMO physics, computer simulations and electronics.