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Dr. Elif Demirbas

headshot of Dr. Elif Demirbas
Assistant Professor of Physics, Photonics and Optical Engineering
Mohler-Faria Science and Mathematics Center, Room 227

BS, Bogazici University
MS, Brandeis University
PhD, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Dr. Demirbas received her BS in physics from Bogazici University, Turkey in 2008, where she also earned an MS degree in Physics with a thesis title of “Laser Assisted Growth of Silicon Nanostructures” in 2010. She then received an MS degree in Physics from Brandeis University, with a thesis titled of “Photo-Activated Langmuir Monolayers as Active Polar Fluids” in 2012. 

She later joined Photonics Center in Physics & Applied Physics Department in University of Massachusetts, Lowell where she worked on design, growth, fabrication, characterization of mid-IR Quantum Dot Cascade lasers for sensing applications and integration of III-V lasers on silicon wafer for LIDAR application. She earned her PhD degree in 2019 with the thesis of Optimization of III-V Semiconductor Lasers and Their Integration Process for Integrated Photonics and Sensing Application. 

She joined Bridgewater State University in September 2019 and has been developing and teaching the Photonics and Optics Engineering BS Program courses and labs. 

Her main research interests are III-V Semiconductor Lasers, Quantum Dot Cascade Lasers, Integration of III-V Lasers with Silicon Photonics Chips, Silicon Phase Arrays, Light Manipulation with Metasurfaces and Fiber Optics, LiDAR.

Area of Expertise
III-V semiconductor lasers, quantum dots, metasurfaces, photonic integrated circuits